Friday, April 11, 2008

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Every Good and Perfect Gift :Sharon K. Souza

Every Good and Perfect Gift (NavPress, 2008)

The Review

From the day DeeDee McAllister rode into Gabby’s life on her banana-seat bike, Gabby’s life would never be the same. In fact, her name wasn’t even Gabby until DeeDee decided it should be. Full of charisma and class, DeeDee takes over the planning of their lives. And that’s fine with Gabby. She’s content to be in her amazing friend’s shadow.

They marry their college sweethearts and settle into careers. The plan includes no children. All the reasons not to have children made sense to both women--and their husbands--so the decision was mutual. But at the age of 38, DeeDee changes her mind.

Two years of infertility follow, but DeeDee finally gets her way. After the birth of the baby, Gabby sees an alarming trend of forgetfulness in her friend. The symptoms continue to worsen until they receive the diagnosis. Now Gabby has to be the strong one—a role she doesn’t feel suited for.

The high-caliber writing in this novel is apparent from the first paragraph. The characters are rich—the friendship so real I wanted to be a part of it. The author dares to discuss the topic of childlessness by choice in a Christian setting. Although it’s clear from the back cover that the story is headed for a weighty topic or two, it’s an enjoyable trip.

Humor lightens all but the bleakest of moments. And those dark moments are shown with depth of genuine emotion. This story took me from laughter to tears and back again. It will have a lasting impact on me. A must read.

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