Monday, January 5, 2009

Everything went smoothly

My dad came through his surgery just fine. He's been in quite a bit of pain, but I guess that was to be expected.

Pathology confirmed that it was cancer. But the tumor was self contained, and the lymph nodes in the area were clear. Now that the kidney is gone, he's cancer-free. He'll probably be released tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers. I'm so grateful for the lasting friendships I've made through this blog. Writing isn't a priority for me right now, much less blogging. But I'm happy to say that the writing bug has been nibbling, so we'll see what happens.


Richard Mabry said...

Sorry I didn't see your earlier post. Glad your dad came through it okay. I'll pray for him as well as for you and your family.
Glad the writing bug is biting again. Your talent is too good to remain silent.

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Cameron VSJ said...


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