Monday, November 17, 2008

I just don't know sometimes

A couple of weeks ago the phone rang. Brian answered and I listened to his side of the conversation to see if the call was for me.

"Who's calling? . . . Is she gonna want to talk to you?"

My interest was piqued. Who could it be?

"Does she even know you?"

Is it one of my AWANA girls and he's giving her a hard time?

"Wait a minute!" His voice hardened. "This isn't her new boyfriend, is it?"

My jaw dropped. "Who are you talking to?" I noted the slight edge of panic in my voice. Who in the world would he say something like that to?

He hung up and I demanded again, "Who was that?"

Brian just about split a gut. "Some guy wanted you to take a survey."

When I could stop laughing long enough I asked, "What did he say when you asked if he was my boyfriend?"

"He sounded a little scared. 'Oh, no, sir! It's nothing like that!' I doubt if he'll call here again."

Well, that's one way to deal with them.


Avily Jerome said...

That's hilarious!

That's the kind of thing my brother does. One time a telemarketer called, and you know how they always start with "Hi, how are you today?"

Well, my brother said, "Actually, I'm not too good..." and went into this whole long made-up story about how someone just died, his bills were over-due, I don't even remember what all, just a bunch of random tragedies.

Christina Berry said...

Avily, you took the words out of my fingers! I start composing my comments in my mind as the window open, so I'm still going to say waht I thought: "That's hiliarious!"

ShaunJoy said...

Yep, that's my brother. :) I wish I could think quick enough for that... I just say no thanks and hang up immediately.

Deb said...

Man! I never thought of that one.

My favorite story of this nature is said to be true, though I can't vouch for it. It dealt with a man who received a call from someone selling an investment opportunity. The caller wanted the man to invest many thousands of dollars.

The man said, "All right. I have my life's savings, and I'll invest it all in your opportunity on condition from you."

"What's that?" asked the telemarketer.

"That if this investment doesn't return the exact amount you say it will, at the times you say it will do so, you will suicide yourself immediately."

"That's ridiculous!" The telemarketer spluttered. "You're asking me to risk my life on this!"

"Well," said the man, reasonably, "you're asking me to invest my life's savings. If your marketing points are the truth, you should believe in them, and it should be easy for you to stake your life on this investment. In fact, it's the least you can do..."

The telemarketer hung up.

Man. Wish I were clever.